Arrival of 'Barker for Envee'! June 06 2014


Envee of Monmouth are happy to announce that two of the new 'Barker for Envee' styles are now available in store and online!

Originally worn by Norwegian dairy farmers it wasn't till the 1930’s that the penny loafer entered the world of fashion. The shoe maker John Bass started producing loafers with the iconic slit strap across the front. It wasn't long until college and school students started using this to store a penny (or dime) as emergency funds to use a pay phone, thereby coining the name (sorry). This was later turned in to a fashion statement and even more so when popularised by James Dean and John F. Kennedy.

This versatile shoe is now a staple in the fashion world adorning the feet of the young and old from farms to offices.  Long live the penny loafer!

This classic, lovingly handmade penny loafer is available in two modern colour ways.